These tricks can be used anywhere!

I am a Tacoma based birth photographer and mama of two. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for labor that I've used myself and witnessed many others use as well. May these help you or someone you care about.

Hip squeezes

your partner will be sweating

Hip squeezes are not easy to give, but boy can they make a huge difference during a strong contraction. When done correctly, these push the ilia together which helps relieve pressure on the sacroiliac joint. I found these especially helpful during back labor.

Honey Sticks

simple carbs are your friend

Honey sticks are a quick and effective way to refuel while you are laboring. You can slurp them between contractions and they come up easily if the need arises.

Find your breath

in through the nose, out through the mouth

Controlling your breath can help your body relax and baby descend. I see many people breathe out with horse lips, or moan low to send all that energy down.

The Comb

trick your brain

Gate Control Theory explains that our brains can really only focus on one source of pain at a time. When you add another stimulus by gripping the pointed comb, it can take the edge off your contractions. That's right, let's trick your brain!

Water, Water, Water

labor's best friend

Sit in your shower or tub, rent a birth tub, guzzle it, freeze it. Water is your friend. Check out Puget Sound Birth if you're interested in tub rentals!

birth tubs

The Toilet

the labor station

Where does your pelvic floor feel the most relaxed and ready to move stuff? You got it! Laboring on the toilet can be quite intense, but try to remember that powerful contractions are purposeful. Bonus points to those who turn around and rest on a pillow in between!

kiss your partner

let the oxytocin flow

Loving on your partner can help release the love hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin helps stimulate uterine contractions and move labor along.