Will They be staring at my bits?

This was personally my biggest fear I had going into birth, and I suspect it may be for others as well. I know this sounds hard to believe, but I have never seen a client's Virginia or b-hole! True story.

I step out when clients are having cervical exams, avert my eyes during position changes, and am adept at using angles and space to conceal your most intimate parts. Most of the time my clients end up birthing in a tub so their lower half is obscured. The water is a great way to protect your modesty if that's something you're worried about (and it provides fantastic pain relief!) Read more on the pros of having a water birth here.

Will There be too many people in the room?

They say that you can add on an extra hour for every extra body in your birth space. I think this can be especially true with people who are not experienced birth workers (parents, friends, students). The good news, certified birth photographers are trained to operate covertly. Our presence is gentle, calm, and quiet. We are also respectful of provider's space and tools, and do our best to stay out of the way.

Will I feel like I have to perform?

When you are in deep, active labor (when we arrive), the last thing you are thinking about is the other people in the room. When I was laboring, I was all reptile brain, focusing on my breathing, movement, and low moans. While I was aware of the people on my team, I couldn't place them. I knew my husband was always close, as his hands were typically touching me. I knew my doula was near because I could hear her gentle affirmations. When I look back at photos I am always so SURPRISED because I truly didn't remember a single photo being taken. You may notice the occasional flicker of a camera flash or the click of a shutter, but a skilled Birth photographer takes photos only when needed.

Will I look like a hot mess?

With the amount of people who compare birth to running a marathon, it is no SURPRISE that we fear looking likE a sweaty, exhausted, wreck. The truth is, labor is sweat, and flushed cheeks. It's deep breaths and primal sounds. It's messy, raw, & wild. a skilled birth photographer knows how to capture your sweaty strength in a way that empowers you and others.

What if I poop?

You probably will. I did. But you know what? the midwives I have worked alongside are magical wizards who swoop in with their little fish net before anyone even knows what is happening.